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Our Technology

We provide concrete form for visions sketched out in drawings.
Being your best partner in manufacturing is what we're all about.

At Sowa, when it comes to manufacturing, we don't stop at just transforming drawings into accurate embodiments. We provide total solutions that open the way to the optimum product manufacturing approach.

Our production system encompasses all aspects of manufacturing, from procurement of the raw materials to machining and welding, in one plant. We have the flexibility to deliver prototypes and products that are delivered in units of several products a year, in addition to more standard delivery formats.


Machining Processes

Machining Processes Our precision machining technology supports a broad range of materials. If your needs include small-lot products, complicated products or other challenges, we're the place to come.

Welding Processes

Welding Processes We use welding technology that embraces all of the processes, providing you with high-precision products in very little time.

Service Policy

Service Policy Providing high-precision, high-quality products in less time. Supporting a wide range of products from prototypes to mass-produced products.

How we process your orders

How we process your orders Sowa provides “one-stop” service that significantly eases the burden on the customer.
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