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Welding Processes

We use welding technologies
encompassing all of the processes,
to provide you with high levels of precision.

At Sowa, we handle welding processes involving a broad range of materials. We have our machining and welding lines in the same plant, so feedback can be provided instantly to the entire process if the effects of thermal distortion are different depending on the material. This layout makes it possible to deliver high-precision products in less time.To cite just one example, the high rate of Sowa products found in gas tubing, where safety is critical, testifies to our product quality.

We also welcome customers who need only welding.

TIG welding

We're skilled in welding a large variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. We can also accommodate sheet metal blanks as thin as 1 mm.

Arc welding

We utilize fully-automated and semi-automated welders to assure stable quality. We have dedicated machines available for pipe and flange welding, providing even higher quality and efficiency.

Tube welding line for
LP gas aggregate equipment

We assemble and deliver tubing and piping for household fixtures ranging from gas cylinders, which require high levels of safety and airtightness, to regulators and other devices.

TIG welding

Our qualified, experienced personnel have expertise in hand welding as well. We guarantee a high-quality finish on butt flange welding of SUS copper pipes, steel pipes and other products.

Technology you can rely on (photo shows welding traces on a pipe)

The weld marks on this pipe show deep weld penetration, with uniform bead formation all the way to the inside of the pipe. We draw on reliable technology built up over the years to meet customers' needs.

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