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Service Policy

Providing high-precision, high-quality products in less time.
Supporting a wide range of products from prototypes to mass-produced products.

Everything you need in one stop! Just provide us with the drawings-we'll do the rest

Integrated system starting right from raw materials procurement

Once the product drawings are finished, you can leave the rest to Sowa. Not only do we handle commonly-used materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel, we also cover a broad procurement range that includes titanium, inconel and other alloys. From machining and welding to surface treatment and quality inspection, we provide every service you might need, all in one convenient location.

High-level QCD grounded in rock-solid craftsmanship

Proposal-style manufacturing that boosts added value

At Sowa, we don't just stop at fabricating products as indicated on the order sheet. We provide customers with proposals for products tailored even more closely to their needs. To do that, we carefully cultivate flexible thinking and prompt, dexterous accommodation. Skilled craftsmen who truly understand the processes involved make those ideas happen. We put a lot of effort into cultivating human resources, using our own proprietary approach to on-the-job training in combination with seminars by outside experts.

What you need, when you need it

Flexible deliveries of small lots

Small-lot, multi-type production, including prototype manufacturing, is just one of our many areas of expertise. At Sowa, we have our own unique method of inventory control that assures that we have the necessary materials and products in stock, allowing flexible production and delivery. We can also flexibly accommodate orders that require having only the necessary items, at the necessary time, in the necessary quantities, as specified by the kanban approach.

Creating mill sheets and
inspection grading sheets for all products

At Sowa, whether or not the customer requests it, we issue mill sheets and inspection grading sheets for every single product, as part of the quality control we implement in keeping with our own internal quality control standards. If local regulatory authorities or customers require certificates to be provided, just let us know. We can provide whatever documentation you need, in short order.

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